Living With an Allergy Kid

My son turns 3 next week. Of course, I am biased, but I think he is the cutest toddler in the world.

We suspected a milk allergy when he was about 1.5. We’ve done our best to mostly avoid milk and dairy products. However, this past 6 months my poor little guy has caught every upper respiratory infection that has come his way. He got pneumonia. He has had at least 6 ear infections. He earned himself a referral to an ENT.

The ENT promptly scheduled him for an adenoidectomy and tubes in his ears. He also recommended allergy testing for foods – a blood draw because he’s too young to sit for the actual test.

When the results came back, he tested positive for milk, peanut and soy. A relief to know but also frustrating. As I’ve now come to find out, these 3 allergens are in everything, to some capacity.

My first shopping trip I actually called my husband in tears. I could not find a granola bar that was free of all 3 ingredients (I have since located a few options at our local Co-Op – Enjoy Life to the rescue!). Nor could I find a pizza crust. I finally found a pizza crust – but it was also gluten free and cost $8.

I’ve also embarked on a new “diet” of sorts: I saw an integrative health doctor who recommended an anti-inflammatory diet to reduce my migraines. As it turns out, copious amounts of coffee, Diet Coke and sweets are not enough to offset the other healthy foods I eat.

So – here I am, trying to figure out how to manage food allergies, an anti-inflammatory diet and my husband’s sweet tooth (who can incidentally change his habits overnight and lose 10lbs.)

I plan to share various food “finds”, recipes, and anything else that may be interesting for food allergy sufferers and those following (or at least trying, like me) a healthy diet.

Today I leave you with this… a soy, dairy and peanut free pizza crust. Purchased at Whole Foods and MUCH cheaper than the gluten free crust I originally purchased (and tastier, I may add).

Here’s the finished product… one portion without cheese for Logan. Yes, I’m planning to follow this anti-inflammatory plan 80/20 and I will never give up a weekly pizza night with Logan.

Side note – the review of the pizza crust is my own and I was not endorsed to write a review.



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