The 4-Letter Word…


I hate that word. It can mean any number of things, not all of it negative, but to many women (and unfortunately men, teenagers and children) it can bring about a lot of negative feelings.

For me, diet is a 4-letter word. You know, like shit and damn and a lot of other worse words I won’t type here today (because my mom might be reading – hi Mom!)

Ironic because diet is why I am here – but not in the context that I dislike so much.

So I want to set the tone right off the bat.

I am 31 years old. I have probably spent 18 years of my life dieting. My weight has gone down. My weight has gone up. In fact – it wouldn’t surprise me if all of these weight fluctuations are the cause of the inflammation that is now making my migraines so hard to control. And I have reached the point in my life where I am so done with dieting.

I wouldn’t mind being a few (or 20) pounds lighter. But I’m done with punishing myself and restricting myself because it’s a terrible way to live.

Instead, I am now healing myself with food.

From this point forward, if you read the word diet in my posts, it is simply referring to the anti-inflammatory lifestyle I have embarked on. It may also pertain to my son’s allergies. It will not mean anything about calorie restriction unless I note otherwise. If I end up losing weight on this lifestyle change – hey, bonus.

Update on the allergy front: Logan will be sampling some food-allergy safe cookies and candy from a couple companies, so watch for the reviews on his opinions on them in the coming weeks!




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