What I Ate Today

I started this so-called “journey” about a month ago. I walked out of an integrative medicine doctor’s office with all kinds of emotions – wonder, excitement, and when I really think about it, fear.

Fear because I knew that if I wanted to feel better, my life would have to change.

The doctor had just told me that part of the reason my knees hurt and my migraines were so bad was inflammation – chronic, internal inflammation. She actually said I was “a little ball of inflammation” as she discussed taking turmeric and butterbur supplements, along with drastically overhauling my diet.

Harsh? Actually, no. I needed to hear it. In the context of our conversation, the “little ball of inflammation” comment fit just fine.

I left the office that day, called my coworker, a dietitian, and fired off numerous questions. 

Then I Google-searched recipes.

I followed the anti-inflammatory diet for one day.

Then, I had what I always tell me husband is an “internal struggle” – hot tea or Diet Coke? Fresh fruit smoothie or a large cookie? I’m sure you can guess what won.

Last week, I taught two yoga classes. Then I danced my pants (or dress) off at a women’s benefit. I woke up with a deep pain in my lower back that extended in to my left hip and down my glute.

And then I realized. I am 31. I am too young for this.

This was not the “good sore” from teaching yoga (I could feel that in my abs) or that telltale pain in the feet and calves from dancing in heels. This was bone-weary pain from a body that had moved a lot and couldn’t keep up – but should have been able to.

After also ripping the thigh out of a pair of my pants (yes, I just got horribly real here) I realized my way of eating wasn’t cutting it. So, the way I had promised the doctor I’d try? It had to be better.

Like I said in this post, my purpose is not to count calories or lose weight. If that happens, that’s freaking awesome. My purpose is to heal my migraines and to actually feel my age. This past weekend? A hard reminder (or a knock on the head?) about why I need to change my life.

I’ve researched pretty extensively an anti-inflammatory diet. Some people make it more complex than it needs to be. Here’s what I ate today.

Keep in mind, if this doesn’t fit your version of an anti-inflammatory diet, feel free to tell me, but also tell me why. I’m still learning and I’m open to learning everything I can.

7am: Kodiak whole grain protein pancakes with real butter and real syrup, 2 cups coffee with half & half

1030am: 2 cups of tea

1115am: split a large banana with Logan

1230p: tuna with hummus, pickles and lettuce on a slice of Dave’s Killer Bread, full-fat cottage cheese, 2 squares dark chocolate 

2pm: a small handful of walnuts

4pm: (I ate an uncharacteristically early dinner) 2 eggs scrambled with turkey sausage and an apple 

5pm: cup of coffee with half & half (my goal is 1-2 cups… I caved)

745p: mixed berry smoothie with a handful of kale in cashew milk and a dollop of honey for sweetness 

I also drank an additional 6 cups of water throughout the day. I feel pretty virtuous today.

And a reminder for everyone… I tell myself this often….



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