Things I Worry About with my Allergy Kid

I strongly suspected a dairy allergy in Logan about 6 months after transitioning to cows milk. One day he was fine. The next day – not so much. After some research and discussion with a dietitian at work (I’m a diabetes educator and work with dietitians) we transitioned him to almond milk (now cashew milk, per his preference) and off of dairy.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve tried to add dairy back in, to no avail. The kid kept getting sick.

Then we found out about the soy allergy. And the peanut allergy.

Although I’m an educated, rational adult, I can’t help but wonder – is there something we did wrong?

I feel bad complaining. I really do. My child is healthy. He’s growing (off the charts, in fact). He’s got no health issues besides these allergies, which seem to predispose him to colds a bit more frequently than the average kid.

Logan just had strep throat twice in a matter of a month. My husband asked me if it was because of something we had exposed him to at home. No I replied. Deep down, though, I worried it was because we sometimes allow him to have foods with milk.

I worry that his peanut allergy, which we never knew about because he always ate peanut butter, will randomly cause anaphylaxis. 

I worry that he will be teased about his allergies, because kids tease about the dumbest things.

But maybe this is all my anxiety talking.

My son is three but he is a big personality. I’m trying to teach him now about the foods he’s allergic to because I want him to be his own advocate someday.

Until then, we are his advocates and maybe I’ll have to learn to always be just a little bit worried.



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