Hi friends!  I realize I have been noticeably absent – I had surgery about a week ago and it will take me four to six weeks until I am back to full capacity.  However, I am home and resting and will plan to post at least once per week, hopefully twice – especially since I’ve got some good things coming my way.

Later today, I have a giveaway starting from the folks at Sunbutter.  I’ll be posting details on my Instagram page ( with how to enter.  Later in the week, I’ll also be posting a recipe for Sunbutter and chocolate chip cookies, courtesy of Sunbutter (a great sub for those of you who loooooove PB cookies!)

We also have Chewy Bars coming in the mail to us from Enjoy Life and Logan is a big, big fan of granola bars, so watch for his review of those!  A reminder that Enjoy Life is free of all “top 8” allergens, so while Logan is dairy-free, soy-free, and peanut-free, these bars are awesome for kids (and adults!) with the top 8 allergens.

I also have a post coming about teaching Logan about his allergies – a tough thing to do as a parent, but a necessity.

Down the pike also is a recipe featuring Food for Life’s tortillas – guess you’ll have to wait to see what’s up with that! 😉

I just wanted to post a quick update so that you didn’t think I forgot about things – follow my Instagram and FB pages ( and let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see!

Talk to you all soon!





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