I’m Baaaack

Hello friends and readers, I am back.

I took a hiatus. I needed to take a break. I pushed myself back into this project too quickly, and overwhelmed myself. I didn’t realize just how much work blogging can be.

And I was tired.

I’ll be honest with you guys. In August, I had to have a brain surgery. I had a brain tumor removed. I am fine. The tumor was benign. I spent one night in Mayo Clinic’s Neuro ICU and was discharged the next day. Suffice it to say, I healed well.

But, healing from a major surgery was tiring. Toss in going back to work after recovering and yikes – recipe for burnout from blogging (or anything that remotely takes effort, even if it’s fun!)

But now that I am finally feeling like a human again, I’m really, actually living again.

I started teaching a yoga class on Saturday mornings. Did I mention that I earned my RYT-200 this past summer?

In October, I visited my best friend and saw a Paul McCartney concert. I also tried a circuit training class in 90 degree heat – hmmm! It was actually a fun experience!

I took a week-long road trip with Brad and Logan and ate the best BBQ of my life in St Louis. We checked out zoos, museums, and aquariums, too.

At the beginning of December, Brad and I, along with another one of my best friends, took Logan on the Polar Express in Green Bay, WI (check out the National Railroad Museum’s events here! It’s awesome if you have a train-loving kiddo!)

And now we’ve just finished up the holidays, and subsequently, the year 2017. Hallelujah.

Tomorrow, in 2018, Logan also starts “school” – preschool. Which means we’ll be even busier. So, readers, I’m going to share more recipes, more experiences, more life with all of you!

Stay tuned!



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